Frequently Asked Questions

A: Five sets of blueprints are included with the House Plan. Additional sets may be purchased if needed. Each set contains:

  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plan(s)
  • Exterior Elevation(s) 
Please note that the Plan is the copyrighted property of the designer.  If more sets of blueprints are needed, please return to us to purchase them.  Please do not make your own copies, or share with anyone not associated with your project.  Thank you!

A: Yes, in two ways:

  • The existing Plan can be printed in reverse.  This is quickest and can be done at no additional cost. However, it causes a mirror image of the written text as well as the floor plan.
  • An alternate version can be custom-drawn to reverse the floor plan while keeping the text more clear.  For some Plans, this has already been done for a previous client and is available from stock.  If not, the custom work is available for additional cost.

A: No, that is not possible at this time.  Most clients benefit from an in-person consultation even when purchasing a plan from stock.  Any custom work is done in close communication with the client, usually requiring several meetings at the office in East Ridge.

A: The time varies. A copy of a stock plan can be printed while you wait. A complex custom Plan may take several weeks.  The middle range is 1-2 weeks of dedicated work for a moderately-complex custom Plan.

Note that since Mike does all the design work and drawing himself, he can focus on only one or two clients at a time.  A several-client backlog is not uncommon.  Past clients have considered a wait to be worthwhile for the quality of Plan they received.

A: Again, it varies widely.  A copy from existing stock is about $400.  A large, complex Plan that takes weeks to complete may be worth $2000 or more.

A: No, creating the technical drawings required by banks and contractors is the same amount of effort regardless of the client’s initial information.  The documentation in your drawing will be helpful as you collaborate with Mike in the design process, however.  (See below.)

A: Some questions Mike will have as he begins to work with you include:

  • Where will the house be built?
    • For instance, a plan can be designed to fit a steep or narrow lot, or a wide and flat lot.  Maybe there are subdivision, zoning, or homeowner’s association restrictions that must be met.
  • What is your budget?
  • What are your priorities?
    • Do you want no stairs, or handicap access, for instance? Or open floor plan, or children’s rooms near (or NOT near) the master bedroom? Maybe specific rooms – such as separate dining room, bonus room, or mud room – are needed.
    • Note that if your priorities try to outpace your budget, Mike can help.  One of his strengths is finding ways to incorporate the most important features while staying within the constraints each client faces.