Plan Search

To find a house plan in our Galleries you can:

  • Click on one of the large pictures on the Home page to see the matching gallery.
  • Select “Gallery” from the top menu, or one of the gallery icons on any page.
    • Small = under 1500 sq ft
    • Medium = 1500-2000 sq ft
    • Large = 2000-3000 sq ft
    • Extra Large = over 3000 sq ft
    • New = Most recently-added plans
  • Filter the gallery results by any of the choices in the sidebar.
    • Note that plan numbers have the format “PByynn” so that a filter of “PB18” will show all plans from 2018.
    • Alternate versions usually have the same starting plan number followed by a letter suffix.  Search for “PB1404” to find not just just 1404 but also 1404A, 1404B, 1404R (for reversed), etc.
    • Often, several plans are based on the same “Original Plan”, even though their plan numbers are not related.  Use that filter as a way to find those matching plans.

Click on a picture in the gallery to see more details about that particular house plan.

If you don’t see a plan you like, check out our Catalog pages.  This search of the Galleries covers only the plans where photographs and complete details are available.  The Catalogs have four times as many plans, but without the details to support this search.

Of course, feel free to come by the office to see even more plans.  Mike remembers what he has drawn over the years, and can direct you to one that fits your needs.