Search Filter

To find a plan you can:

  • Click on one of the large pictures on the Home page to see the matching gallery.
  • Select “Plan Gallery” or one of its sub-menus from any page.
  • Filter the gallery results by any of the choices in the sidebar.
    • Note that plan numbers have the format “PByynn” so that a filter of “PB18” will show all plans from 2018.
    • Alternate versions usually have the same starting plan number followed by a letter suffix.  Search for “PB1404” to find not just just 1404 but also 1404A, 1404B, 1404R (for reversed), etc.

Click on a picture in the gallery to see more details about that particular plan.  Or, click on the floor-plan icon in the corner to see a quick close-up of the first floor plan only.

If you check a detail plan as a “Favorite”, it will be added to the My Favorites gallery sub-menu.  Favorites will be preserved until the browser session is ended.

If you don’t see a plan you like, stop by the office to look at the hard-copy catalogs. Plans are being added to the site as quickly as possible.  But over 1000 were already in stock before the site was launched.  It will take a while to get them all posted!